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The application for the new flagship product from BestWater is in the field of industry. Wherever pure water is required in large amounts, such as in large bakeries, beverage plants, breweries, pasta producers, hotels, large restaurants or laundries, the Jungbrunnen 111-00 is the right solution. With dimensions of 160 cm x 100 cm x 120 cm (W / D / H) and a maximum capacity of 27,000 litres in 24 hours, an excellent performance size ratio is again achieved.

The Jungbrunnen 111-00 is a modular water treatment system with three high-performance modules. Each module has an axial piston pump with a maximum working pressure of 60 bar at 16 litres / minute and three high-performance membranes, each with a production rate of up to 3,000 litres / 24 hours, which includes about 9,000 litres / 24 h for each of the three modules.

For this purpose, each module uses two pre-filter units and three energising modules (HE) working in parallel. Control technology, including a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), as well as pressure and system performance monitor, are also installed in each module. Each module also has a TDS tester, which constantly monitors the temperature and conductivity in µS or ppm. The Jungbrunnen 111-00 impresses with a water ratio of 1:1 or even as high as 1:0.8 of ultra-pure water (permeate) to waste water (concentrate). With a filtration rate from 95 to 98.9 percent and a high flow rate, the high requirements of different sectors can still be met in the industry.


Each module operates independently and therefore operates autonomously within the system itself. Maintenance, such as filter changes, can be carried out during operation, since only the corresponding module is removed from service. Easy access via the front also makes the maintenance simple and quick. The signalling of necessary maintenance is performed optically. For safety at work, an earth-protective circuit-breaker is installed. To perform the legally prescribed or self-determined quality control of the water sufficiently, at any time and very easily, water samples can be taken directly from each module through the installed stainless steel tap. Although each module operates autonomously, the entire system is operated by a central control system.

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